Shifman Mattress Review + deciphering web Mattress Comments

I get mail, lots of mail asking for advice.  Most of it is help in navigating the mattress jungle.  If you send me a short essay that tells me enough about the people who will be using the mattress and any other facts, I can try to match needs with brands and styles.  This letter has to identify age, gender, height and weight, sleep interfering physical issues, health issues, and always, financial challenges when appropriate .  I can not recommend one mattress being good for all.  I will not grade your paper for spelling or grammar, but completeness is important. Points for telling me what you now sleep on, or a mattress you tried while traveling, or something you have seen but think is overpriced.  Armed with this information, I will think it through, and apply information gained from 1948-2002 hands-on, + a retirement spent “shopping” my local NYC and suburban outlets with an occasional trade show.  I also have a rapidly shrinking group of mattress buddies, usually former competitors or employees, many almost as experienced as myself who know and share with me what I can’t remember or amazingly, never knew…. READ MORE

2014 Consumer Reports Ratings:
Serta, Charles P. Rogers, & Simmons Earn Top Grades in Lab Tests

The top-rated mattress retailer  again is a factory-direct franchise operator, Original Mattress Factory with most stores in Ohio,  and  at the bottom of the list and the least best for two years in a row is Sleepys, an East Coast large specialty retailer who apparently has been unable to shake off  an unenviable earned reputation.  These opinions are from many thousand CR subscribers who share their good and bad experiences with Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports,  the nations’s premier product rating organization  published its annual mattress report in their March issue.  Consumer Reports does not accept advertising or any anything  else that might compromise their judgment and reputation. Their sole source of support is annual dues and donations from members.

I consider their reviews to be a highly reliable source for any mattress shopper… READ MORE

Which Is Best: Platform Bed, Box Spring, or Foundation?

The simple answer is, “all of the above”, but there are rules. The accurate answer depends on the type of mattress that will go on top.  If you follow these simple rules you will get a lot more satisfaction from your new mattress and platform, foundation, or box-spring. A  box spring has a small number of…. READ MORE

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