November 3, 2013 - Marshall Coyle

Why You May Need A Special Platform Bed Mattress

I am “The Old Bed Guy” who has seen and done it all in the bed business. Sixty years ago, a then virtually unknown mattress company called “Sealy” came up with a slogan that endured for forty years and was responsible for millions of lost sleep hours. “No Morning Backache From Sleeping On a Too Soft Mattress” worked miracles for them and, along with some excellent decisions, and good business sense, vaulted them to the top of the business. Along the way they absorbed the “Stearns and Foster” company. The major competition was “Simmons”, makers of the very soft, durable, and comfortable “Beautyrest”. In those days almost every mattress had some kind of resilient spring underneath.

Somewhere in the eighties or nineties, “Simmons” discovered how to make a  good ard “Beautyrest” called the “Gibralter” for people with not much imagination. So, “Sealy” started to soften their “Posturepedic” and made many new friends. Why? Because hard beds are neither very comfortable or good for your health. The are especially unsuitable for side sleepers.

Since the stone age, people have been looking for something soft to sleep on. For the history of the bed you can go to, but for what to do now if you need a platform mattress, stay tuned right here.

Platform mattresses have to be as flexible as possible. The most flexible mattress is made of foam. a material that is almost always comfortable, and almost always a disappointment. The temptation to make it cheaper instead of better is virtually universal. The most flexible and predictable is made of individually pocketed coils covered with various padding materials usually including some foam.

The need for the flexibility is because of the absence of flex in the platform. Hard on hard means nights of tossing and turning. Flexible on hard and straight can provide wonderful support and comfort. At least one platform bed specialist, Charles P.Rogers has a proprietary line of innerspring platform mattresses that are designed to provide maximum comfort on a wood platform. Charles P.Rogers own make platform beds have padded decks and will be more comfortable than solid wood decks when you use a non-platform mattress that you might own.

Marshall, The Old Bed Guy.

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  • Judith Zacarias says:

    I will soon be purchasing a mattress for my platform bed. The Coney Pillowtop model
    at Sears is no longer available. Can you recommend another, other than the St. Charles?

    I’m on a fixed income and will invest in a good mattress. However, salespeople are
    starting to confuse me as to the benefits of their products. This will probably be my
    last mattress purchase so I’m concerned about “getting it right”. Any suggestions or
    recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

    You should also know that I won’t be purchasing on-line. I live in Tucson and there
    are adequate stores with mattresses. Thank you so very much,

    Judy Zacarias

    • Marshall Coyle says:


      Me trying to helping a mattress buyer buy on the internet is just as difficult as you buying one sight unseen.

      If I were still in business, and you walked in to my store, I could see that you were a senior citizen and maybe make an accurate guess as to your weight. I would ask you about your present quality of sleep and if you have any aches or pains that may be related to sleeping in an uncomfortable bed.

      You are confusion is intentional. Most “good” mattresses are remarkably similar in construction regardless of extreme price differences. The price differences are caused not by different materials or sewing skills, but by marketing minor differences as reasons to charge extreme prices. This practice is encouraged and supported by the mattress factories because it keeps the door open to higher and higher prices for miniscule differences. The biggest con is the super-fat mattress.

      As far as name brand mattresses go, I am partial to Beautyrest because they do not have inexpensive woven wire springs, but have used individual pocketed coils for at least a century. Not as long as Charles P. Rogers, but they are consistent. The problem is that there are dozens of Beautyrest models and every store has a different name on the same mattress to be able to overcharge at will.

      You live in the beautiful Sonora Desert, in a town well supplied with sleep shops and furniture stores. If you give me the information I need to help you, I will reply promptly.

      Please reply via email, not a web post, to preserve your privacy.

      Marshall Coyle

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