March 16, 2015 - Marshall Coyle

Genuine Major Luxury Hotel Mattresses

Here is a listing of many major hotel mattress data including probable selling price.  These prices are subject to fluctuation and you should call the hotel to check current prices if you are shopping around. They rarely go down, but not completely unheard of. 

If you found a mattress in a good hotel to be comfortable, that is no surprise. These are not the same as mattresses made for home use. You don’t lose hundreds of dollars a night if beds remain empty because guests don’t ever come back again.  These mattresses are designed to make guests comfortable for no more than 18 months and then be discarded or recycled. Most are two sided and housekeeping staff is expected to flip at least once a week. Many hotels with two sided mattresses flip them after each occupancy. While they can last up to six months longer, 12 months is the average planned usage before they are no longer considered  suitable for paying guests.  This is universal with all chain hotels and most individual large expensive lodgings .  You were sleeping on a lot of cheap soft foam and compressible fibers that briefly feels terrific, and costs less to the mattress maker than almost anything else used to cushion a mattress. Authentic luxury hotel mattresses are perfect for the temporary job  they are designed and constructed for.  Pampering a guest for a short stay, and do the job well for 12- 18 months as demanded by the lodging industry.  

Ironically, because these purpose-built mattresses do not have to last at least for the 4-6 years that Simmons, Serta, and Sealy plan for home-use mattresses, these cheap-foam/innerspring mattresses can be made super-comfortable and still cheap enough for the hotel’s stringent budgets.  You will note the retail prices when available if you care to order one, and know that the hotel pays less than half of listed prices as do most retail stores.   Usually they pay only about 45% of their list price.   When you buy a queen $1,997 Crowne Plaza mattress, it is the equivalent of a $900 factory direct, but the equally comfortable factory direct may last more than eighteen  years and the hotel mattress no more than eighteen months.

Large hotel chain mattresses most  likely are made by a major brand maker and get it’s lushness from layers of super soft non-gimmicky old fashioned non-memory polyfoam sometimes with some cotton or polyester fiber, good for at least a year or 18 months of abusive use. Typically 100% polyurethane foam padding over a resilient spring.  The coil counts are also lower than consumer mattresses, as they do not have to last as long. Hotels almost never use any memory foam because the of the unavoidable warmth and frequent odors. They are not overly concerned about the negative long-term health aspects, but are extremely concerned about guest minute-to-minute comfort. Strange chemical odors from many memory foams do not make for happy guests. To complete the aura of comfort, luxury pure cotton sheets usually cover these mattresses with counts starting at 200 threads per inch and going up. 

Crowne Plaza
MATTRESS: Serta Hotel Quality Perfect Sleeper: 11.5″ thick; 800 coils to king size padded with very thick polyfoam.
Available at selected hotels. Buy a queen for $1,977 and a King for $2,677
PILLOW 7 pillows; choice of down, feather, or polyfill on every bed
SHEETS 200-thread-count, 60/40 cotton-poly blend
BED COVER Down duvet with cover
EXTRAS Designated Quiet Zones; all rooms have sleep CD’s and kits with lavender spray

Four Seasons

MATTRESS:  The Custom Four Seasons Ultra Plush Pillow Top by Sealy; 13 1/2 inches thick; 848 wire tied coils in a king. Made by Sealy, but uses a less expensive innerspring core than used in consumer Posturepedics. Filled with layers and layers of basic cheap polyfoam with super soft polyfoam in in quilt. Sold at selected hotels for $3,000, and $4,000
PILLOW 4 feather-and-down pillows; foam, hypoallergenic, or buckwheat available on request
SHEETS Vary by property: All are 100 percent Egyptian cotton; some are by Frette
BED COVER Down duvet with cover
EXTRAS Quiet music at turndown, such as Blue Marble’s “Deep Sleep 101” CD

Hilton Suite Dreams Bed

MATTRESS: Serta Hospitality Perfect Sleeper pillow top appearance ; 12 1/2 inches thick; 848 coils to king size. Sold at many, not all Hiltons for $1,998 and $2,788
PILLOW 5 down-filled or hypoallergenic pillows on king-sized beds; four on queen-sized beds
SHEETS 250-thread-count; cotton-poly blend (percentage varies by property)
BED COVER Down duvet with triple sheeting; decorative throw
EXTRAS Specially designed, user-friendly alarm clocks


MATTRESS: Sealy Posturepedic; 13 inches thick; undisclosed coil count, price in flux- you have to call for current price.  and like the others is basically a lot of layers of polyfoam on a firm innerspring. Call for price
PILLOW Choice of 9 feather or down pillows on king-sized beds; 7-8 on queen-sized beds
SHEETS 250-thread-count; 70/30 cotton-poly blend
BED COVER Down duvet with triple sheeting

Marriott (includes Marriott, JW Marriott, and Renaissance)

MATTRESS: (no pillow tops) Varies by property:  Most are  special Serta Perfect Sleeper (11 inches) with 800 coils in king. $3,499 Queen, $2,999 king. Experimenting with  spring-free solid Polyurethane foam (not memory foam) mattresses to save money.
PILLOW 6 for king-sized beds, 4 for double. “Down-surround” pillows—a feather core covered by down
SHEETS 300-thread-count; 60/40 cotton-poly blend
BED COVER Down duvet with cover; bolster pillow; decorative bed scarf
EXTRAS Company guarantees that duvet cover is washed between stays instead of triple sheeting

Ritz-Carlton  (the best quality in this group, still not consumer components but better than other hotels)  

MATTRESS: Sealy Posturepedic and Stearns and Foster labels. Same mattress made on same assembly line, but label varies by property.  11 1/4 inches thick; 939 coils (king-sized) reported in 2016 Queen set-$2,799 King-$3,999  It has a better spring core, and is a better buy, than many of the others that are just foam and more foam on a basic coil spring.  This  price is not certain: check with hotel for final price
PILLOW Varies by property, but choice of hypoallergenic down or foam pillows
SHEETS 300-thread-count; 100 percent cotton Frette linens
BED COVER Down duvet with cover at most properties; currently phasing out triple sheeting
EXTRAS Sound machines and extensive pillow menus (varies by individual hotel)

Sheraton Sweet Sleeper

MATTRESS Sealy Posturepedic Plush Top mattress not Pillow Top; 11 1/2 inches thick; 899 coils. Fairly similar to Ritz Carlton Sealy but firmer and a little better value..2016 reported $2,699 queen, and $3,799 king. (UNABLE TO VERIFY PRICE)
PILLOW Choice of 5 feather-and-down or allergy-sensitive pillows on every bed
SHEETS 230-thread-count; 40/60 cotton-poly blend
BED COVER Polyfill duvet with cover; fleece blanket
EXTRAS Also sells a Sweet Sleeper dog bed ($225) no information

Westin Heavenly Bed  “the least mattress for the most money”

MATTRESS Simmons mattress; Not Beautyrest Label or Pillow Top.12 1/2 inches thick; 900 coils to king. Layers and layers of inexpensive polyfoam. Queen $$2,770, King $3,840 / price includes sheets and pillowcases
PILLOW 5 feather-and-down pillows, including a bolster pillow, on every bed
SHEETS 230-thread-count; 100 percent cotton
BED COVER Down blankets (triple sheeting) and polyfill duvet with cover
EXTRAS Also sells white mink-trimmed eye masks ($275) and a Heavenly Dog Bed ($225)

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  • Mary says:

    I recently stayed at a Microtel hotel and the bed was amazing. I later called to see what beds they used. I was told it was a Serta. After I hung up I realized I had no idea which model. However, after reading this article I see now that my search for their bed is in vain. So far the only mattress I’ve liked, that I’ve laid on, is a sleep Number bed. But the price gave me sticker shock!!

    • Marshall Coyle says:

      Reply to Mary,

      When you get ready to own a mattress you love and can afford, If I am still doing the surveys and you fill one out, you will save a whole lot energy and grief–as well as money.

      Marshall Coyle

  • Bill says:

    You saved me from making a several thousand dollar mistake. Employee pricing at four seasons was significant enough to almist purchase 2 kings, but as a consumer I would have been very disappointed in a couple years. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and opinion.

  • Marshall Coyle says:

    Dear Janet,

    Is any retro mattress condemned to body impressions (sag!), filled with hair from slaughtered horses, and priced to compete with a good used car something of value? Does removing large quantities of food from the marketplace, adding to starvation in underdeveloped countries, just to be able to say “corn” or “soy” when describing a chemical foam that must be at least 70% “natural” petroleum? This greenwashing is a travesty. If you revisit the home page of the Old Bed Guy and fill out a survey, I will be very happy to go into further detail and to recommend mattresses suitable for your own needs. And, if you are Canadian, available to you economically local or cross border.

    You noticed, if you actually did some reading on the blog, that I do not ever recommend any mattress with any synthetic foams for what I consider a good reason. And since you are asking about the controversial substance, you probably just skimmed through advice that could prove so valuable. I have started to back off my total negativity about synthetic foams because nowadays many enlightened mattress makers are sourcing from foamers like Carpenter and Hickory that provide a range of CertiPur USA approved conventional and memory foams. But I do this on a case by case basis. The ugly truth is that as so many “greenwashers” , in my opinion, are not truthful about basic issues, so why should I believe that their CertiPur claims have any basis in fact. When, again, in my opinion, a “green” site is on the up and up, and there are some, I am happy to accept their health and safety claims about synthetic foam.

    I have not physically shopped any Hypnos bedding in over a year, and internet information is sketchy, but my top of mind belief is that Hypnos has avoided any chemical foams and when they think foam padding is necessary, they specify latex. Whether the finished foam is 100% latex or a blend, is something I am still researching, but in fact, not relevant to any health issues.

    If you believe that some fluffy, soon to compress forever, fibers from Mongolian goats in an overpriced mattress is an answer to anything other than appealing to your desire to spend more than necessary, you have to do some more research. This aspect of ultra luxury mattresses is pure scam, but, oh boy, does it ever get people with more money than time to do the research, to open their wallets. A mattress is not a sweater, you lied down on or in it and proceed to squash the natural fibers until the not so nice depressions appear. The more you pay, the more unsuitable fiber you get, and the sooner will you have the service person in your home. Turning the huge and heavy mattress does slow the process, but exacerbates any back or shoulder deterioration related to the unnatural motion of lifting and turning a mattress. Read this, and after, not before, fill out the survey/questionnaire. Expect to wait at least a week for an answer as I am just the one guy and there are lots of “Janets”.

    Marshall Coyle

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